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    Best People

    Barringtons significant growth has been directly attributable to the expertise of our people and their commitment to providing professional, ethical and efficient service.

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    Best Practice

    Barringtons are regularly benchmarked against Australia’s leading companies, often setting the standards by which other much larger companies are judged.

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    Best Choice

    Nothing sells better than a reputation for delivering quality service. Our consistent success is indicative of the efforts we go to, to guarantee our clients satisfaction.

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    Barringtons Training

    Barringtons continue to raise the bar for Australian training standards and have been awarded registration by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) until 2025.

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What we do

From compliance and risk management through to employee recruitment and training, we're experienced in providing businesses with the tools they need to operate efficiently. Without assistance from trusted professionals, like Barringtons, managing compliance and other responsibilities can get in the way of your core business objectives.


 Our services broadly fall into eight overarching and complementary categories:



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Case Studies

Success Stories from Barringtons ClubsNSW Job Ready Program

Jess Cleland - Trained: Blacktown Workers Club September 2016 - Working: Blacktown Workers Club

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I started working here at the club in December 2016.  My mum works in the industry and she was the inspiration for me to want to work in customer service.  I love it.   It’s fantastic.  I love getting to know people and working with people.

Success Stories from Barringtons ClubsNSW Job Ready Program

Nathaniel Kumar - Trained: Blacktown Workers Club September 2016 - Working: Rooty Hill RSL Club

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Before finding out about the Barringtons Job Ready Program I hadn’t really thought about Hospitality as a career.  I hadn’t done Hospitality at school and had no idea about the wide range of career opportunities that this industry offers. 

Success Stories from Barringtons ClubsNSW Job Ready Program

Tim Lloyd - Trained: Blacktown Workers Club September 2016 - Working: Seven Hills RSL

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When I found myself over 50 and redundant in the IT industry, I thought it was time for something new.  Hospitality continues to be a growth industry so I thought it was time to give it a try and when a former colleague recommended the Job Ready Course to me, it seemed like a great entry point.

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