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    Barringtons significant growth has been directly attributable to the expertise of our people and their commitment to providing professional, ethical and efficient service.

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Our Client Support

Experience. You can't put a price on it, and Barringtons has gained an awful lot thanks to our 25 years working with all sorts of different businesses across a raft of industries. Over the years, these sectors have all changed and developed, but one thing has remained consistent - the fantastic relationships that we have with our clients, and the great results that we've helped them achieve. Across areas such as corporate risk, training, recruitment, security and compliance, our team has worked with almost every type of organisation imaginable - from government businesses through to the leisure sector and everything in between. This experience across a range of industries, and with companies of different sizes and structures, ensures that our team are always able to provide the right business service, regardless of the challenges faced.

Since the early years of Barringtons, we've expanded our services to include:

  • Accommodation: Helping Australian businesses provide the best services to their customers, while ensuring full compliance and the highest levels of security.
  • Aged Care: Assisting organisations looking after Australia's growing aged population, with a range of businesses services.
  • Clubs: A core element of Barringtons' business, we assist clubs with all of their business service needs. In addition, we've partnered with ClubsNSW to provide recruitment and training opportunities for staff at all levels of their careers.
  • Construction: Building a brighter future for Australia starts with construction, and our team has experience working with companies of all sizes on a range of projects.
  • Councils: Councils form the backbone of regional and city infrastructure and leadership. Barringtons is proud to assist in everything from compliance and security optimisation to risk management.
  • Education: Education is something that we really believe in at Barringtons, exemplified by our online training options. We also assist education organisations with a range of business services to ensure they are operating as efficiently as possible.
  • Energy: The energy sector is only becoming more important, and Barringtons has the expertise to assist businesses with everything from compliance to employee vetting.
  • Finance: As an essential part of the economy, there's no room for error in financial businesses. Barringtons' team can provide a range of services to optimise operations and improve productivity.
  • Government: Working with government is another core aspect of what we do at Barringtons, and our team has the experience necessary to deal with any issue in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Health: You can't put a price on wellbeing, and Barringtons provides a range of services to the many organisations helping Australians stay healthy.
  • Hotels: Alongside clubs and accommodation, hotels are a core part of the hospitality sector, where Barringtons has been providing business services for decades.
  • Retail: Finally, our team can assist retail businesses with everything from improving security to ensuring they are prepared for a potential crisis.


Our experience in all of these areas means that our team has a wealth of expertise that can be used to assist businesses from any sector. Whether that's improving compliance or managing risk, Barringtons has seen it all, and can ensure you and your organisation are as safe and productive as possible.

Within these different industries, Barringtons has worked with some of the biggest names in Australian business, from banks like ANZ and Westpac through to Australian Government departments and the CSIRO. As well as these large enterprises, we're also experienced in working with smaller organisations which have an entirely different set of requirements, including Event Cinemas, Chubb, Caltex, Diabetes Australia and both the Newcastle and Sydney Airports. The incredible variety that Barringtons' team has seen over the years makes us perfectly placed to assist businesses across the country - regardless of the industry they operate in or the size of their workforce. You can see an expanded list of who we work with above, and with any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch today.

Our Clients
Barringtons apologises to any loyal clients who are not featured on this page. If you feel your business should appear here, please feel free to contact us.
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