The Importance Of First Aid & CPR Training For Teachers


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The Importance Of First Aid & CPR Training For Teachers
Ash Collier
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The Importance Of First Aid & CPR Training For Teachers

Letting You Know The Reasons Why First Aid Is Critical In The School Yard

School is more than just education, it is a place where children learn to socialise and play with their peers. Therefore, teachers are more than just educators, they are guardians and carers aswell. Due to this, teachers and school staff need to be prepared for any emergency situation and must complete First Aid and CPR training.


Acknowledging the importance of health and safety within a school environment is essential and equipping school staff with the information and skills of First Aid and CPR is potentially life saving.


From minor injuries like grazes and small cuts to major situations such as an asthma attack or anaphylactic shock, Barrington’s First Aid and CPR courses are tailored towards dealing with all types of emergency situations within the school yard.


Barrington Group Australia is an approved training provider for First Aid and CPR courses in NSW schools, endorsed by the NSW Education and Standards Authority (NESA).


If you are a teacher or staff from a NSW government school and would like to learn more, click here!


Would like to enrol yourself or your staff? Enquire now to take the first step in becoming equipped for any situation in the school yard!

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