Are Your Club's Future Leaders Prepared?


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Are Your Club's Future Leaders Prepared?
Ash Collier
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Are Your Club's Future Leaders Prepared?

With The Correct Education, They Will Be Ready To Go In No Time!

To be a successful leader in the Hospitality Industry, one must learn self-leadership, the components of management and the importance of a mission, values and a clear vision for their Club. Effective leaders are able to recognise the goals of their operations and inspire their staff and colleagues to act on the same vision.


There are three main components of the most effective Club Leaders, that are Human Resources in the Club Workforce, Club Leadership & Management; and Hospitality Management. These three components are delved into in great detail in our Future Club Leaders Course.


Graduate Chris Gardner, the CEO of Kahilbah Sports Club says “One thing I have noticed through the course is that when I thought everything was going well in the club, as I reviewed or took on the work based study, it became apparent there were gaps in our club that need constant review to make sure standards are maintained at all times. It has been refreshing and eye opening at the same time to complete the course. I truly believe I have become a better leader and manager thanks to you and the course.”


Our Future Club Leaders Course is a Nationally recognised Diploma that equips its students with the skills necessary to become a truly talented and knowledgeable Leaders and provides great networking opportunities. The course includes a series of intensive leadership programs that prepare students for Management and Executive positions in the Clubs Industry. To see more about our course and enrol yourself, or your clubs upcoming leaders, click here.


The structure and delivery of the program include opportunity to hear from industry speakers and to develop your networks further! Students also learn new techniques and strategies to improve work processes and outcomes. The start dates for the next intake is the 2nd and 3rd of March 2020. This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

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