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Man In The Middle Cyber Attacks: What You Should Know

Australians are particularly lax about taking basic cyber hygiene action to prevent their data from being exposed

Laura Eyles 0 91

According to Australia’s national notifiable data breach scheme, 245 breaches occurred in the three months to June 2019. It is clear that Australians are particularly lax about taking basic cyber hygiene action to prevent their data from being exposed. Two in three Australian workers have clicked on ‘unknown sender’ links at work, jeopardising the security of their business and colleagues.

Is Pipeline Security Adequate in Australia?

Recent reports indicate that pipeline security plans may be outdated

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The US has a lot in the pipeline. They host 2.7 million miles of pipelines that transport oil, natural gas, and other fossil fuels to create energy. These fuels are hazardous and potentially explosive, and in a March report the U.S. Congressional Research Service (CRS) argued that they are making pipeline security a national security issue.

It's Time to Professionalise Manpower Security

By Allen Barry

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The quarantine fiasco in Melbourne highlighted the plight of professional security companies trying to operate in Australia.  It appears that the Victorian Government gave assignments to three large manpower security companies to control the outbreak of Covid19 within these controlled environments.  It has been widely reported that there was little operational planning carried out by the government or the security companies, leading to a significant spread of the virus.   

Risk Management and Counter Terrorism Resilience for Australian Businesses

Some industries simply have higher security risk profiles due to the nature of their work

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The internet has had enormous impact on how people think about terrorism and people are now turning away from traditional media and go to the internet as their primary source of information. Dr Anne Aly is one of the most respected counter terrorism and counter radicalisation experts in Australasia, with her advice being sought on terrorism, Muslim women in society, media construction on terrorism by worldwide bodies.