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Data Breaches And Managing The Risks

Names, telephone numbers, email addresses and cities where clients were registered were revealed

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UniCredit has revealed a data breach resulting in the leak of information belonging to three million customers. The Italian bank and financial services organisation said that a compromised file, generated in 2015, is the source of the security incident.

Digital Threats To High Value Targets Pose Physical Security Risks

There is increasing attacks against extended enterprises such as cloud providers and vendors

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In a recent report on protecting executives from cyberattacks, Cypient Black found that along with rising traditional enterprise attacks against corporate devices, networks and information, there have been increasing attacks against the extended enterprise such as cloud providers and vendor. Now a third attack area is also increasing but often not addressed by corporate budgets: entangled enterprise risk.

Hospital Security And Rising Assaults By Patients

Hospitals in the US have said they are subjected to multiple assaults by patients because of insufficient security and chronic understaffing

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Registered nurses and hospital technicians working at Northern Light Health Maine Coast Hospital in the US have said they are subjected to multiple assaults by patients because of insufficient security and chronic understaffing.

The Future Of Office Security – Bridging Human Skills And Tech

Workplace Strategy And Design Are Evolving Alongside AI

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While Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning bring huge benefits to the security landscape in cybersecurity, the door is wide open for physical security threats in the workplace. Workplace strategy and design are evolving alongside AI. The office of the future is designed with openness and connectivity, with open floor plans, glass walls, cafeterias, nap pods, and other amenities – and security design should evolve to bridge the human security and tech security needs accordingly.

Youth’s Love-Hate Relationship With Tech In The Digital Age – Cyber Risk And Educational Institutions

Cyber Risk And Educational Institutions

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When digital surveillance is higher than ever, there is a hollowing out of learning, a shallowness that comes with abuses of privacy and surveillance and from a loss of cherished human contact. Kate C. Tilleczek’s studies have revealed that several youth suggested that without the phone, they lacked the confidence to solve basic problems or feared for their safety.