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ATM Skimming Devices - What to Look For

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Look around the ATM machine to make sure there are not any skimming devices before withdrawing cash. Some are hard to detect, as they are manufactured to fit the ATM machine perfectly. Although it is recommended to look for the device, it is better to protect your PIN number. This is because the scammers cannot withdraw any cash without the PIN number. To protect the PIN number, simply cover the PIN from above with your hand or other things, such as a magazine or newspaper. Another ...

Why You Need to Get Your 'Offboarding' of Employees Right

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From a post by hrdaily from Peter Forbes, founder of HROnboard: Workers are changing jobs more frequently and have greater access to sensitive company information than ever before, yet organisations continually neglect risks associated with the offboarding process. Offboarding for most companies is a constant occurrence, with employees often staying in jobs no longer than two years These workers have more company assets in their possession than previously, such as phones and ...