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Cyber Security - Business' Soft Underbelly


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Illegal or dishonest behaviour has been around for as long as humankind, and the motivation behind wrongdoing
remains the same now as it did back then.

As a young investigator, I was told by a seasoned detective that somebody with a briefcase could steal more than somebody with a gun. Corporate fraud reaps a more significant financial reward, with less risk than a threatening act involving a firearm to induce a victim to part with cash. The adage still rings true today; however, now a man with a computer can steal more than a man with a briefcase.

Fortunately, with vigilance and training, this does not have to be the case for your business.

5 Keys to Making Risk Management an Intrinsic Part of Business Culture

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Risk management is a vital component of business management training and good management practice. Effective risk management is one of the most valued qualities of good leadership. Effective business owners and managers understand that risk management should be an intrinsic part of their business culture. Rather than viewing it as some kind of extra business activity or as a separate program, risk management must be integrated into a whole of business approach. Risk management becomes ...