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ATM Skimming Devices - What to Look For

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Look around the ATM machine to make sure there are not any skimming devices before withdrawing cash. Some are hard to detect, as they are manufactured to fit the ATM machine perfectly. Although it is recommended to look for the device, it is better to protect your PIN number. This is because the scammers cannot withdraw any cash without the PIN number. To protect the PIN number, simply cover the PIN from above with your hand or other things, such as a magazine or newspaper. Another ...

5 Common Mistakes in Workplace Investigation Process

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From a post  by Catherine Gillespie on hrdaily community: 
Workplace investigations require a thorough, unbiased and procedurally fair approach. There are common mistakes made during all phases of the investigation process that can put the integrity of the investigation at risk. 

#1 – Not being responsive Taking too long to respond to a complaint can lead to a bigger issue developing and the risk of legal intervention. An employer has a duty of care to act promptly and to keep the ...

Past Behaviour Counts and Other Lessons from the Anti-Bullying Tribunal

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From a post in hrdaily: In some of the key cases handed down in the anti-bullying jurisdiction so far, the Fair Work Commission has provided useful guidance on what constitutes "repeated unreasonable behaviour", but also raised concerns about the scope of orders it can make. Since January 1, 2014 the Fair Work Commission has had jurisdiction to deal with bullying complaints and order the bullying to stop. While it has no power to order reinstatement or compensation, the FWC does have ...

7 Problems Interviewing Witnesses to Workplace Accidents and Incidents

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From an Article by Peter L Mitchell: There are many problems associated with investigating accidents in the workplace. In this article I’ve chosen seven common problems that I have encountered investigating accidents. They are not listed in any particular order of merit or frequency. 1. Accuracy. Accuracy is a real problem when you are trying to get to the bottom of an incident or an accident. The people that you interview have not been trained to be observant or to be a witness. This ...

Tips for HR for Finding the Truth in Incident Investigations

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HRdaily had shared some insights from expert investigator Harriet Stacey which helps HR professionals to understand their potential impact on the quality of information reported when interviewing a complainant about workplace bullying or other allegations. Stacey’s Insights: Memory cannot be preserved in the mind. Rather, memories of incidents fade, have gaps, and can even be altered or created. We can't necessarily influence what information [about an incident] a person will code ...