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A Strategic Approach to Crisis Management - The Importance of Being Prepared

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From an article by Paul Baker: The importance of being prepared When seconds count, and believe me they do, it's nice to have already prepared a plan to use when managing a crisis. Having managed emergencies for organisations I have seen first hand what happens when no preparation has been done. The Strategic approach to crisis management The strategic approach involves the management team and especially the PR team to forecast how the operations of the business or ...

Tips for Developing A Successful Emergency/Crisis Management Program

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From an article by Scott David Rodgers: 

Emergency/Crisis Management Planning needs vary with the industry, type of operations, and regulatory applicability; however, the following guidelines can be used for any situation: WHAT ARE YOUR HAZARDS? The first step is to identify vulnerabilities and hazards associated with your operation. No one understands your operation better than you.

Communicating in a Crisis

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From Security Management (10/01/12) Wagley, John Communicating quickly, honestly, compassionately, and without placing blame is the key to good crisis communications, experts say. The rise of social media means people will not wait to hear from the company during a crisis and will instead turn to outlets like Twitter that give instant real-time updates, which unfortunately can spread rumor, innuendo, and outright falsehoods, says Jane Jordan-Meier, founder of consultancy Jane Jordan & ...

Crisis, Emergency and Business Continuity Plans - What You Need to Know

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Do you know the difference between a Crisis, Emergency and a Business Continuity Plan? Here’s what you need to know… A crisis is an event or series of events that have such an impact on an organisation or group that normal business operations cease and without the correct remedial action, the long term survival of the organisation or group is at serious risk. Examples of Crisis include: extortion, kidnap, product contamination, industrial dispute, the result of numerous hold ups or ...