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Dealing With Bushfire Smoke At School

Are You Prepared?

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With 137 fires burning across the New South Wales State as of 6:15pm, 4th December, the smoke haze that is blanketing the region is getting thicker and is predicted to get much worse. Bushfire smoke can travel hundreds of kilometres away and can have a massive impact on the health of individuals, posing a threat to people with asthma and pre-existing heart or lung conditions.

Are Your Club's Future Leaders Prepared?

With The Correct Education, They Will Be Ready To Go In No Time!

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To be a successful leader in the Hospitality Industry, one must learn self-leadership, the components of management and the importance of a mission, values and a clear vision for their Club. Effective leaders are able to recognise the goals of their operations and inspire their staff and colleagues to act on the same vision.