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Staying Active

Now is as good as time as any to get started while majority of us are working from home

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Being active doesn’t necessarily mean physical exercise. Most things in our day to day life including housework or running errands is an effective way to maintain our physical and mental health. 

What Smart Cities Can Teach Us About Smart Businesses

The rapid growth of smart city concepts and the innovation of technologies to operate them present the security industry with opportunities

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Dubai is on a mission. It wants to become the world’s smartest city by 2021 and has more than 545 initiatives in the works to fundamentally change the way people experience the city. And Dubai is not alone. Cities around the world want to provide residents and visitors with greater access and connections via technology as more people begin to migrate to urban areas.

The Importance Of Bridging The Gap Between Physical And Cybersecurity

Risk is a common language between all sorts of security-esque organisations

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Traditionally, there has been a gap between cyber and physical security personnel in organisations. Physical security measures were already in place when computers and networks were first invented, eventually spawning the IT and cybersecurity fields.