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Active Shooter Risks & Places Of Mass Gathering

By Allen Barry

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Active Shooters are now the most current risk faced by places of mass gathering in the US.  The clear message from experts is to be prepared.  Having made that point, complacency is setting in in the US with only 55% of potentially affected sites increasing spending on preparedness and half failing to conduct safety drills to address this issue.

Dealing With Bushfire Smoke At School

Are You Prepared?

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With 137 fires burning across the New South Wales State as of 6:15pm, 4th December, the smoke haze that is blanketing the region is getting thicker and is predicted to get much worse. Bushfire smoke can travel hundreds of kilometres away and can have a massive impact on the health of individuals, posing a threat to people with asthma and pre-existing heart or lung conditions.

VIP Host Management Course!

Go in the draw to win an overseas trip!

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Our VIP Host Management Program is run in partnership with The Drop and allows Industry members to enhance their leadership skills, build service standards and deepen their understanding of loyalty programs to upskill for career progression and to bring more knowledge to their workplace. Students who complete this government subsidised course go into a draw to win an overseas trip which this round was sponsored by IGT!