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Top 5 challenges women face in leadership

By Reyna Mendes, Learning and Development Manager, Barrington Training Services

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When we think of inspirational women leaders, we think of Julia Gillard, Jacinda Arden, Quentin Bryce, Julia Bishop or Catriona Wallace . However, the celebration of women leaders should not be limited to political or business leadership. Out of the spotlight and away from media attention, women throughout Australia and the world are quietly taking on leadership roles and driving change for their colleagues, families and communities.


Success Stories from Barringtons ClubsNSW Job Ready program

Profile: Ty Webb Trained: Indigenous Job Ready Program 2015 Working: Rooty Hill RSL, Function team (employed for 3 years)

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Ty Webb is one of our Job Ready program’s great success stories. After initial training and employment placement, Barringtons are always heartened to catch up with former students years’ down the track and follow their achievements.

Technology: The Present and Future of Recruitment in Registered Clubs

The Benefits of Online Recuitment

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No industry has been untouched by the effects of technology and registered clubs are no exception. While digital advancements will never be able to replace the in-person connections required to succeed in the club industry, there are quite a few ways that technology has changed the game for Australian clubs.


The most notable area of impact has been recruitment. In this eBook, we’ll walk through just how influential technology has been in the recruitment space, while also exploring how Barringtons can help businesses with this technological shift.