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Boosting Success With These 3 Smart & Simple Tips For Employee Wellbeing At Work

Proactive Workers Can Harm An Organisation If Their Energy Isn't Properly Channelled

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A 2018 US survey reported nearly 86% of men and 67% of women in the U.S. work over 40 hours a week indicating a trend of employees becoming obsessed with work. Thus is becoming more important that businesses prioritise and explore methods for leisure and disconnection from work.


Why bullying and harassment occur

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Two new reports shine a light on the prevalence of workplace bullying, the work climates that foster it, and its impact on absenteeism and productivity.

The first Safe Work Australia report is based on results from the 2014–15 Australian Workplace Barometer project, which involved interviews with more than 4,200 employees from across the country.

The research found nearly one in 10 employees have been bullied at work – a "sizeable increase since 2009–11, where seven per cent of Australian workers reported they experienced workplace bullying".


The Importance of First Aid at Work

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From a post by Ian Martin: Accidents can happen anywhere, even in the safest of offices. Simple trips  and falls can have serious consequences, and unexpected problems such as heart  attacks can become life-or-death situations. Having someone in the office  trained to deal with first aid can help to make the accident victims more  comfortable, as well as potentially save lives, and first aid at work is  therefore hugely important. Accidents are Just Around The Corner Some workplaces ...