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What You Should Know about Workplace Bullying

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It has been estimated that workplace bullying affects around 3.5% of workers, with the Beyond Bullying Association estimating that between two-and-half and five million will experience workplace harassment at some time during their career. US report to the Massachusetts Senate by State Senator Katherine Clark said that close to one-third of all workers have suffered from some type of workplace bullying. Additionally, workplace bullying is four times more likely to happen than sexual ...

Today Tonight: Clubs Fight Back TV Segment

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Watch our very own Jason Fullerton on the Clubs Investigations on Armed Robbery. Click here to view the video. STORY: With armed holdups are on the rise, and often they happen in broad daylight. Their new targets are the 2115 small clubs across Australia. It was just before closing time at Hexham Bowling Club in Newcastle when three bandits burst through the doors