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Anti social Networking – Cyberbullying Stripped Bare

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On Sept 23, the Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy released a new 17 minute short film entitled “Tagged”. This follows the release of the privately produced Cyber Sin Sept 5, 2011 dealing with the implied cyberbullying-caused suicide of a teenager. “Tagged” will be made available to all schools. Its purpose is to highlight the consequences and dangers of sexting and cyberbullying to parents and school children. Research into the way young people use social media and feedback ...

High Level Workplace Bullying

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Yet another high level workplace bullying charge is playing out in the media. On Oct 13 the SMH reports “ the head of the Australian Film, TV and Radio School, Sandra Levy, has been accused of bullying, undermining and micromanaging staff by a former executive who is suing for more than $1 million.” Professor Katherine Blashki charges centre around these cited behaviours by Ms Levy: forced to work outside normal hours words to the effect of ''you are stupid'' and ''I don't know why ...

Managerial Behaviours Foil Good Service

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Kym Illman is the author of The Future is Customer Service and was asked recently by a Sydney Morning Herald journalist what top three behaviours by Australian managers contributed to poor customer service. It may not just be the attitudes of young Ygens that have caused the decline. He sites: Inappropriate procedures: Employees are forced to follow procedures “that are designed for the benefit of the business, not for the customer Poor hiring decisions: Managers make the mistake of ...

Bad Service the Aussie Way

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Take a look at this service facts and statistics as revealed by Alexandra Smith in the SMH: 65% of Aussies always tell about bad service 61% have lost temper  in restaurants or shops 86% have ditched a purchase over bad service American Express Global Customer Service Barometer reveals that Australians are among the most vocal complainers in the world Australians tell an average 23 people about bad service Australians tell an average10 people about a good service ...

GRC (not the GFC)

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GRC is the acronym widely used for Governance Risk Compliance. The Arizona based Open Compliance and Ethics Group defines GRC as: "... a system of people, processes and technology that enables an organization to understand and prioritize stakeholder expectations; set business objectives that are congruent with values and risks; achieve objectives while optimizing risk profile and protecting value; operate within legal, contractual, internal, social and ethical boundaries; provide ...