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Barringtons Background Checks

You wouldn’t hand access to your business’ financial records over to a stranger on the street, would you? Then why would you do the same for an employee that hasn’t been properly vetted? The answer is: You shouldn’t. Background checks should be conducted for any and all potential hires.


Barringtons has provided vetting services to all levels of government and corporate Australia for decades. Our expertise and effective process ensures you have all the information you need about all of your employees - past or present.


Why are background checks important for Australian businesses?


Background checks are critical for all candidates, especially in government positions or upper management roles. Vetting involves more than just a reference check - the process requires businesses to delve a bit deeper into an applicant's background. This could include:


  • Looking for prior convictions or jail time,
  • Checking credit references,
  • Verifying professional licences and certifications.
  • Tracking employment history.


Background checking is essentially a security screen for job candidates, especially for applicants seeking a position that requires high security or a position of trust. These employees will often go on to be trusted with sensitive company information and company assets, including financial assets. Failing to check their background thoroughly could result in major issues down the road - both in terms of financial and reputational damage.


Conducting personnel checking in an Australian business also relays the message that your organisation values honesty and integrity - laying the expectation for these values to present themselves at every level of your business.


Why work with Barringtons?


The primary reason companies neglect to conduct the proper personnel checking has to do with time constraints. The vetting process can be a time-consuming one but when you enlist the help of the Barringtons team, you will receive a comprehensive background check in a quick and effective manner. Not only will our reports present you with the facts you need but our expert staff can provide useful recommendations on how to proceed based on the information acquired.


The proof of our excellent services lies in our track record. We’ve been conducting vetting services for over 25 years on behalf of major federal government departments and multinational corporations alike. Let us help you ensure you hire the right staff members, every time. To get a background check from Barringtons, fill out our enquiry form today!

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