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Barringtons Compliance Management

Compliance. It's one of the most essential elements of any business, but too often it is given inadequate attention or even ignored. This can be a real problem for organisations, especially with the tougher regulations and more extensive penalties that have been introduced in recent years.

Here at Barringtons, compliance management is a core element of the business services we provide to organisations. From our innovative compliance management solution, Smartek through to being able to provide our clients with guidance and expertise, Barringtons is able to ensure compliance is maintained without placing any unnecessary burdens on employees. Our aim isn't simply to provide a service, we strive to become trusted partners of each client that we work with on compliance, improving productivity and efficiency, and minimising the risks that come with ignoring this critical aspect of running a business.

For more information on Smartek, get in touch with the Barringtons team today.

To put things simply, Barringtons provides customer-focused, results-driven, performance-orientated delivery of services in all areas of compliance management. As part of this, we're always seeking feedback from our clients on Smartek and other services, in order to ensure our performance is always improving, along with the quality of our product.

This focus on the customer is what sets Barringtons apart from other compliance management service providers. For our team, everything starts with great customer service, and from there, it's a simple matter of addressing a client's needs and providing a quick, simple solution. This isn't just about implementing Smartek. A critical part of maintaining high levels of compliance is having the right education, which is why we assist our clients and their suppliers or contractors in understanding their compliance obligations.

This education step is vital, as we find that one of the most common problems businesses face is a lack of understanding surrounding what sort of compliance is required, and how to maintain it. Other common hurdles to compliance are obvious or systematic instances of noncompliance as a cultural issue within your workplace, or simply a lack of time amongst employees. Regardless of the issues, Barringtons has a proven track record of success when it comes to compliance, and can partner with your organisation to improve every element of the process.

This is where Smartek comes in - a proven compliance management system administered by a qualified, multidisciplinary team of compliance professionals.

Smartek provides a comprehensive and cost-effective way for businesses to manage their compliance requirements. The tool is suitable for use in all sorts of different industries, ranging from construction and education all the way through to aviation and government. This flexibility is possible because Smartek covers many different aspects of compliance, including reporting, shift reporting, and risk management to name just a few. Smartek's features cover both company and employee compliance, so areas such as inductions or contractor management can easily be incorporated.

The Smartek package has been developed based on what our customers want, with continual improvements coming with each shift in market demand. This ensures that the product is always up-to-date and comprises the best possible features for businesses to manage their compliance needs. All Smartek development is done in-house, thanks to our team of dedicated IT development consultants. This allows us to make any changes quickly and without the delay that comes from working with third parties.

Of course, we also understand that many businesses will already have existing operational frameworks, and that introducing new systems can be something of a challenge. That's why Smartek is easy to integrate with technology such as electronic key safes or access control systems, ensuring a seamless workflow that maintains the right level of security. Finally, we also offer a comprehensive vetting service where we review all of our client's documentation and accept or reject it in accordance with their guidelines.

Can you customise Smartek for our business?

Yes! We pride ourselves on being able to tailor all of Barringtons' products and services to the needs of our clients. Get in touch with our team to talk about customisation options.

Can you help with understanding compliance?

Aside from Smartek, Barringtons offers a range of other business services including training. Options such as our Club Compliance and Risk Management Course (CCRMC) are great options, and provide a great basis in compliance for some of Australia's most highly regulated industries.

Will Smartek help me as a contractor?
Smartek is designed to be used by businesses and workers alike, making life easier for everybody involved in compliance processes.

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