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We have a team of professionals on our side that are committed not only to the quality of our products but the quality of our customers’ experiences.

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Barringtons is consistently benchmarked against Australia’s leading companies and we have been setting the standards for best practices for over two decades.

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Barringtons Smartek

Since 2004, Smartek has presented customers with a comprehensive compliance tool. Based in the cloud, our software is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves on providing all our clients with customer-focused, results driven and performance orientated services. Smartek is owned by the renowned industry management organisation Barringtons, and we hold our services to the same standards of excellence as our parent company.


How can Smartek help your organisation?


Smartek’s services were created with customer pain points in mind. We often have our clients come to us with the same list of compliance struggles. These include:


  • A lack of understanding about compliance or what compliance requirements they are obliged by law to have, follow and maintain.
  • An absence of time to manage compliance.
  • A limited understanding and/or ignorance of the risks that they are exposed to.
  • A pervading recurrence of systemic noncompliance due to cultural issues.


These issues leave many people puzzled as to where to begin when it comes to managing their compliance needs. That’s where Smartek comes in. We pride ourselves on putting customer service first - providing advice and support that complements the wide range of features the  Smartek platform has to offer.


Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist our clients and their supplier bases from beginning to end. Whether you need an in-depth explanation of compliance and your unique obligations or you are looking to better balance compliance levels to mitigate risk - we can advise you every step of the way.


Why choose Smartek?


When you combine our customer-centric philosophy with our exceptional product, Smartek becomes the obvious choice. Our system was created with different business needs in mind, and we can customise Smartek to accommodate your unique needs.


When you employ the help of Smartek, you have a tool that allows  you to demonstrate reduced risk exposure and improved governance to stakeholders and other business leaders. Below are just a few of the core features of our Smartek solution:


  • Random Audits: Conducting random audits is a great risk management strategy. Smartek’s mobile platform allows you to check identification, compliances, skill sets or level of access for any person or piece of plant and equipment on your site/venue at any time. Simply scan the person’s Smartek identification card or specific identification tag for the plant or equipment and the information will be displayed and confirmed on your device.
  • Visitor Management: Smartek helps your manage and keep track of the visitors coming in and out of your sites. With a temporary ID card, all guests will be tracked and you’ll be able to reference records of visitors in case of an emergency.
  • Incident Management: Our platform provides a space for you to record the details of any onsite incidents. From workplace accidents and safety breaches to customer complaints and disciplinary issues, you can log the relevant details and even set up alerts to notify the necessary personnel.
  • Site Resource Management: Smartek can record hours on site for employees, contractors, and other persons under your care. With Smartek you can verify what equipment you have on your site or at your venue at any time. On top of all this, Smartek can also be used to investigate OHS legislative compliances for contractors.
  • Compliance Management: Smartek manages compliances for your company, employees and plant equipment across a variety of functions.  From recording all compliances defined by you to checking access to sites and pre-qualifications, Smartek centralises all of your compliance information and needs so you can ensure total compliance across your organisation.

From WHS management services to crisis management services - our solution covers a wide range of additional areas. To learn more about the variety of other functions you can utilise via Smartek, check out our features page.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can you guide through my company’s compliance requirements?
    • Of course. We understand how complicated compliance can seem, and we’re more than happy to help you understand what is needed for  your organisation to remain compliant.
  • Can you customise Smartek for our business?
    • Definitely! We understand that every business has different needs and our platform allows us to tailor Smartek’s services to suit your needs. Get in touch with our team to talk about customisation options.
  • Will Smartek’s suite break my budget?
    • Most likely not, we are a cost effective compliance solution and provide excellent value for money in a very competitive market.
  • Can Smartek integrate with other systems?
    • Yes - we can work with existing systems to ensure you are using data from other systems to better inform our Smartek platform.
  • Will Smartek help me as a contractor?
    • Smartek is designed to be used by businesses and workers alike. Contractors can use the various Smartek functions for whatever they need.


Get in touch with us today!


Smartek has a proven track record of success with businesses of all sizes across all industries. We are confident that we have a product and team you can trust with all of your compliance management needs. For more information contact us today.





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