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Since 2001, Barringtons Training Services has operated across a broad range of different industries. During that time we've helped countless businesses improve their workforce and assisted Australians by adding to their skill sets. If there's anything that our experience has taught us, it's that the success or failure of an organisation often comes down to the quality of its employees, and the different abilities they bring to the table.

In many industries, this necessitates specialist skills, with Australian club training offering a great example. In other sectors, employees require a more general level of experience, covering everything from dealing with difficult people through to understanding security and workplace best practices. Regardless of an organisation or individual's requirements, Barringtons Training Services can provide a solution, and we pride ourselves on being able to tailor that solution to best suit your needs.

With any other questions, or for more information on all of Barringtons' training services, contact us today.

Barringtons Training Services is registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver nationally recognised training in NSW. Some of the areas that our accredited training courses cover include: Business, management, administration, event management, human resources, hospitality, retail and armed robbery survival skills. This is in addition to non-accredited training in everything from robbery response to customer service.

Across this broad range of subjects, Barringtons offers courses ranging from Certificate II up to the Advanced Diploma level. This allows us to assist whether you're a recent graduate looking to gain your RSA/RCG competency card, or an experienced member of the Australian workforce pursuing new skills or a change of career.

Of course, as an industry leader in many of the fields that we provide training in - such as hospitality, security and compliance - Barringtons is able to ensure that every course provides students with the very latest information from experts who have been there and done it. In addition, Barringtons is approved by Smart and Skilled, a NSW Government initiative designed to help people in the state access the education they need to find employment, and succeed once they've taken their first steps onto the professional ladder. For eligible students, Smart and Skilled provides:

- Government-subsidised training up to and including Certificate III.

- Funding for higher-level courses (Certificate IV and above) in priority areas such as the hospitality industry.

As well as these, we offer payment plans to assist with the enrolment fees for students who may not be eligible for Smart and Skilled. Regardless of your situation, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss the options.

Tailored options with online training courses

What makes Barringtons Training Services different to the other options is the emphasis that we place on customising our service to the needs of specific industries, businesses and individuals. Many of our courses incorporate work-based learning activities to ensure practical experience is gained, while at the same time training is delivered in the actual environment where the skills will be used. Combined with our commitment to excellence and quality across every training course - showcased in our recognition as finalists for the NSW Training Award - our approach is designed to get results, and provide real value to all of our students and the businesses they work for.

Of course, we also recognise that not everybody has the time or ability to attend a training course. This could be due to workplace commitments or a range of other factors, but this doesn't mean education options aren't available. Online training courses provide a great middle ground between having the opportunity to learn new skills and not having to take the time out to travel or attend each session.

Barringtons is one of the leading providers of online short courses in Australia, and our solutions provide employees and businesses with the flexibility that they need to improve on their own terms. Our online courses are delivered on user-friendly platforms in a fun, interactive way that makes it simple for participants to explore the material at their own pace. Barringtons' study at home courses draw from our nationally accredited courses, ensuring attendees are learning the same skills and getting the same value as if they were attending in person.


What level of courses does Barringtons offer?

We offer a wide variety of different courses, covering a range of industries and stretching from Certificate II up to Advanced Diploma levels. This allows us to ensure we're providing education that is suited to your experience levels and industry experience.

How long will my course take?

This can vary based on the type of course, and whether it is accredited or non-accredited. A non-accredited course usually covers one or two days, while accredited courses vary from six months to two years depending on your employment conditions and learning needs.

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