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To stay ahead of the competition you must exceed your patron’s customer service expectations. Customer service is a defining characteristic for any Australian organisation. When you excel in this area, you build a base of loyal patrons and secure their business for the foreseeable future. When you don’t, you risk losing customers to competitors and suffering the resulting business consequences.


Barringtons’ online customer service training courses come into play here. Staying ahead of the game means committing to improving your customer relation skills. With our i-Customer Service option, you can provide your employees’ with this training in an easy-to-use online format.


Why invest in online customer service training?


Online training allows maximum flexibility without sacrificing on the quality of course material. In today’s fast-paced workplace, time is a commodity. Providing your staff with an online option for customer service upskilling gives them the freedom to fit this critical task into their own schedule. Your team gets the training without the stress - it’s a true win-win for all.


Barringtons three-tiered i-Customer Service provides staff, supervisors and managers with an integrated series of customer service training programs that ensure everyone in your organisation is working towards the same standard. The three tiers for this new online program are detailed below:


  • i-serve


Your frontline team is the face of your business. They are the first people your customers see when they arrive and the last ones they see as they leave. i-Serve aims to improve the skill sets of your front-of-house staff through online training. It is competency-based, easy-to-use, highly flexible and created qualified and experienced trainers.


  • i-support


It’s nearly impossible for your employees to champion customer service without the support of supervisors and managers. i-Support teaches middle management the tools and techniques they need to ensure that customer service culture is implemented and supported at all levels of the organisation.


  • i-lead


True organisational improvement must start at the top. To genuinely promote a culture of customer service, senior managers, CEOs and board members must be well-trained in the leadership skills to do so. i-Lead is a focused leadership program that provides leaders with the skills they need to emphasis the importance of customer service in their company.

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