Quick & Effective Industry Short Courses with Barringtons

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Companies want to invest in training that works around their needs. This is the purpose of Barringtons’ industry-relevant short courses for Australian businesses. Our short courses are designed to suit the busy workplace. We are experts in crafting training programs that cut down time commitments without affecting the quality of the course itself. 


Why invest in industry short courses with Barringtons?


Barringtons’ industry short courses are a fruitful investment for Australian businesses across all industries. They allow you to minimise scheduling disruptions while maximising the skill sets of your employees.


Our team of experts work hard to create vibrant and dynamic training content that encourages trainees to interact with information. The ‘hands-on’ approach has proven increasingly popular with our range of regular clients.


We provide training that is relevant to all industries and can cater to your particular training needs when necessary. Just take a look at the areas we currently cover:


  • Club Compliance and Risk Management Course (CCRMC)
  • First Aid Courses
  • The Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Responsible Conduct in Gambling
  • Workplace Bullying Prevention Online
  • Food Safety and Food Safety Supervisor
  • Dealing with Aggressive Customers
  • Robbery Response Skills
  • Active Shooter and Counter Terrorism


The Barringtons’ promise: Relevant, fun and effective industry-relevant short courses


With nearly two decades of experience, we are confident that we can deliver training that ticks all the boxes for your team. From robbery response skills to hospitality industry short courses, Barringtons has a range of options that suit a wide range of industries. Our expert staff works hard to ensure all our training materials are not only time-efficient but engaging and purposeful.


When you have a team of fully trained employees, you can be confident in the knowledge that you have a staff that is ready for anything. To sign up for one of our industry-relevant short courses, fill out our online enquiry form today!