Active Shooter Response Skills Training for Your Australian Business

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We have seen a dramatic rise in active shooter & terrorist actions globally. As businesses, venues and events are often places of mass gathering, your duty of care is to provide training to your staff to maximise safe outcomes for them and your customers.


Many small to medium businesses still operate under a culture of denial, but we have seen terrorists do not discriminate on the size or type of venue or the number of people gathered. The “it won’t happen to me’ attitude opens your staff, customers and business up to major risk.  Any place can be a target!


Barringtons’ Active Shooter Response Skills Training


The Active Shooter Program was designed to be easy to grasp and life-saving in content if confronted with the scenario.  It is based on international best practice and sourced from Law Enforcement and Counter Terrorism guidelines.


Businesses are responsible for maintaining the safety of staff and patrons.  Barringtons’ Active Shooter Response Skills training course provides you and your employees with peace of mind that they are prepared if this situation should occur.


Why work with Barringtons?


Barringtons has over a decade of experience as a registered training organisation (RTO) and we are confident we can provide your team with the education they need to stay safe. To learn more about our Active Shooter Response course, or to sign up today, fill out our online enquiry form!


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