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The importance of compliance and risk management in Australia’s strict liquor and gaming industries cannot be overstated. As a club in New South Wales, your business falls under numerous important - and complex - legislative acts. Without the proper compliance and risk management training, weaving through the various requirements associated with these laws and their governing bodies is a minefield.


Failing to mitigate associated risks could result in significant fines, harmful brand damage, or even litigation. For example, under the Work Health and Safety Act, failure to uphold safety standards can result in a maximum fine of $600,000 and/or five years imprisonment. Investing in high-quality training is an effective way to maintain safety and compliance within your club.


Barringtons’ Club Compliance and Risk Management Course is for CEOs, HR managers, duty managers, WHS officials and other relevant staff members looking to build their confidence in Australia’s regulatory environment.


What’s included in the course?


Barringtons deliver the training through an intensive one-day workshop and cover the following important aspects:


  • Overviews of the legislative acts relevant to your business, including the Registered Clubs Act, Liquor Act and Gaming Machines Act
  • Overview of the new federal Work Health and Safety Act
  • Overview of the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards
  • The role of the regulator
  • Compliance and contractors management
  • Emergency management standards
  • Emergency, crisis and business continuity planning
  • Venue safety plans and other risk strategies


Why choose Barringtons?


At Barringtons, we’ve been in the business of educating Australians for 25 years. Over that time, we’ve focused on building a trusted reputation for delivering high-quality courses, and our industry trainers are experts in their respective fields.


The Club Compliance and Risk Management course is hosted by  Adam Purcell. With 20 years of experience in risk management, liquor enforcement and security/compliance, Adam brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to regulatory insight and strategy.


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This is not a nationally recognised qualification