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Strong customer service lies at the heart of any successful Australian business. You want every person who interacts with your organisation to feel valued, supported and sought after. While some may think customer service is a soft skill, it’s actually an area that benefits greatly from focused training and effort. Investing in the customer service skills of your staff is an investment in the success of your business.


Barringtons’ Customer Service Courses


Barringtons’ customer service courses address the need for this kind of training across Australia. With decades of experience delivering effective and time-efficient courses in a wide range of areas, our team is confident that these sessions will provide your staff with the expertise they need when it comes to customer service.


  • Customer Service Training Program: In this course, we will teach your frontline staff core skills like anticipating customer needs, developing points of difference, meeting client needs and beyond.
  • i-Customer Service: i-Customer Service is an online course that teaches professionals how to become a true champion of customer service. To learn more, check out the course description page.


Why work with Barringtons?


Barringtons has a track record of excellence and our customer service programs for Australian businesses are no exception. We are confident we can provide your team with the skills needed to excel in every different type of customer service scenario.


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