Barringtons’ First Aid Course for Your Australian Business

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Workplace injuries are more common than you might think. According to SafeWork Australia, there were 107,355 serious compensation claims for worker injury from 2014-2015 alone.


The safety of your employees should always be your number one concern. It’s not just a legislative responsibility, it’s a moral one.


The most basic way to ensure this safety is by training your team in First Aid. Initial contact with an injured person is of critical importance. When your team is equipped with the necessary skills to provide effective assistance in these scenarios it can be the difference between life and death.


Barringtons’ First Aid Course for Your Australian Business


Barringtons’ first aid offering ensures your team not only has the critical skills they need but that your organisation is also complying with legislation guidelines and government imperatives. These requirements stipulate that all Australian businesses must:


  • Have one qualified first aider if they employ more than 25 people.
  • Provide employees with a first aid room (with qualified first aiders) if they employ more than 200 people (or more than 100 people on a construction site).
  • Offer all employees adequate  services for the immediate treatment of injuries and illnesses that arise in the workplace.
  • Supply effective and fully stocked first aid kits for employees.


Once you have successfully completed your first aid training with Barringtons you’ll receive a statement of attainment in the following units:


  • HLTAID003 Provide First Aid and/or


Click here to enrol in Provide First Aid - HLTAID003


Why work with Barringtons?


Barringtons has over 25 years of experience providing organisations of all sizes with the first aid training they need. We can organise the course in a way that fulfils all legislative requirements while also working around your employees’ busy schedules. Our team of expert trainers make the course an engaging and dynamic experience for all participants.


Have more questions about the course itself? Fill out our online enquiry form below. If you’re looking to sign up for the course, reach out to one of our Barringtons team members today!


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