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For any premises providing a gambling service - from casino tables right down to the classic Australian pokies - staff trained on a Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) course is not just essential, it’s mandatory.


Club owners have a social duty to provide a responsible environment for their gaming patrons, to ensure personal safety is upheld at all times, and to help patrons with any problems they may have. Just less than 5 per cent of all Australians suffer a serious gambling problem or are at a moderate risk, according to the University of Sydney.


This is where Barringtons’ Provide Responsible Conduct of Gambling - SITHGAM001 training comes in.


What does Provide responsible gambling services training include?


To upskill your club staff and invest in their obtainment of an RCG qualification, you need Barringtons’  Provide responsible gambling services - SITHGAM001 course course.


There are two core elements to this course, which are designed to give staff the confidence they need to maintain a safe, healthy gaming environment for both casual and problem customers.


The elements are as follows:


  1. Implement responsible gambling practices: This teaches staff how to follow responsible gambling service procedures in accordance with federal and state laws. It discusses how to communicate about gambling-related incidents, and how to maintain accurate records of these occurrences.
  2. Provide information and assistance to customers about problem gambling: In this element, staff will learn how to provide accurate and appropriate information on problem gambling to customers should they request it. Staff will learn how to follow procedures for self-exclusion, and how to display proper signage and information relating to responsible gambling. This element also provides staff with a list of available problem support services, to provide to customers on request.


Barringtons offers RCG training; the course is 6 hours in duration and costs $115 per person. This includes Liquor and Gaming NSW processing fees of $30.


Alternatively, you can combine RCG and Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) courses, although they must be completed on separate days. The cost of a combined course is $270 per person, including $100 in Liquor & Gaming NSW fees.


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Why train with Barringtons?


Barringtons is one of Australia’s leading education providers, having worked with local clubs and other businesses for 25 years. We have a trusted reputation for providing high-quality training, and pride ourselves in our expertise in government legislation.


To gain your RCG qualification, or to invest in your staff to do the same, enrol online today.


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