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Barringtons online training courses are designed with the Club industry in mind and we understand that staff aren't always available for face-to-face training. Barringtons gives you the flexibility to conduct training at your employee's most convenient time without sacrificing quality or content. Our online courses are delivered on a user-friendly interface that allow participants to navigate the training curriculum easily and at their own pace, with no lengthy system training process prior to starting any of these courses.


Barringtons provides the following online courses:


Making training available to your staff on a regular basis helps build a culture of continuous improvement in your organisation. Online training courses are an ideal way to ensure your business remains on the cutting-edge of your industry while accommodating your team's busy schedules.


Industry leaders in Australian online training


For nearly two decades we have worked with organisations to ensure staff are competent in essential workplace skills, such as health and safety and dealing with bullies and agressive customers. Our team of expert trainers work together to create digital courses that maximise learning outcomes, while making online training an economical investment for your business.


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The above courses are non-accredited.