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The best offence is a good defence. This is especially true when it comes to emergency situations. Australian businesses need to ensure their teams are prepared for all situations. That’s where Barringtons’ emergency evacuation induction comes into play.


Does your team know what to do if there’s a bomb threat? What about a sudden fire? Our emergency evacuation training film provides your team with an explanation of procedures to follow in the case of a workplace incident.


Emergency Evacuation Induction with Barringtons


The first thing our video training emphasises is the importance of staying calm in these scenarios. When you lose your cool, you lose your hold on logical procedures and actions.


Once we’ve instilled this basic principle into your team’s minds, the video takes you through a comprehensive explanation of the various warden roles - including how documentation and reporting should be handled.


Barringtons also explains the methods of safety in an evacuation, showcasing the different methods of survival under various circumstances while also teaching your team the importance of following the directions of your warden.

Once you purchase this emergency evacuation induction course, you’ll be set up with a username and password instantly. From there, all you’ll need to do is login and select the induction video. All users that view this induction material will be prompted with a series of questions following the video to test their understanding of the new information.


Below is a short promo for the emergency evacuation induction video:

Businesses across every industry can benefit from this kind of training. It’s about keeping your employees safe and prepared.


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Barringtons’ team is made up of training professionals. All of our materials are created with the insights of experts - meaning our courses are full of the kind of information you can trust. To learn more about our emergency evacuation induction training, fill out our online enquiry form and chat with one of our Barringtons representatives today!


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