Get accredited business training with Barringtons

It’s impossible to overstate the importance and value of business training. As an employee, education provides the critical skills and experience necessary to improve and progress through a career. For businesses, providing training opportunities for staff fosters loyalty and increases overall quality within a company.


Nationally accredited training courses are even more valuable and which are recognised throughout Australia and meet the standards set by some of the country’s biggest industries.


What accredited business training courses does Barringtons offer?


Barringtons offers a range of accredited business training courses for Australian organisations and employees.


These include:




This selection of Certificate and Diploma courses means that there are options suitable for every experience level. Most of the courses are also open to all, with no academic prerequisites. Consideration will be based on previous academic or work experience.


If a student wishes to pursue another course after receiving a qualification, in many cases the work they have already completed can be put towards the next level of study.


The length of time that these courses take can vary from between 6 months to two years, depending on the specific qualification. In general however, most courses run for six to 12 months.


In addition to our employment-based training courses, Barringtons also offers a selection of long-distance qualifications such as the Diploma of Business. This gives students the flexibility to gain their qualification without having to travel for sessions.


Working with the Barringtons team on your accredited business training


Barringtons has been providing accredited business training courses in Australia as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for over 10 years. Our extensive experience across various Australian sectors allows us to provide professionals with the additional skills, connections and confidence that they need to improve their own careers and benefit businesses across Australia.


As part of this, all of our staff are carefully selected to ensure they are providing the very best education every student who passes through our courses. Meanwhile, the Barringtons name can give employers peace of mind that a candidate is coming to them with a nationally accredited qualification and a high-quality education.


To learn more about which accredited business training course would suit your or your business, get in touch today by filling out the Barringtons online enquiry form.




Am I eligible?

For most of Barringtons’ business training courses, there are no prerequisite requirements for entry. However, it is strongly recommended that individuals undertake lower level qualifications or gain industry experience prior to undertaking more advanced qualifications. For example, before applying for the Certificate IV in Business Administration, it’s advisable to complete the Certificate III course unless you have extensive industry experience. Your current job should also reflect the qualification you wish to train in.


Is what I already know taken into account?


Consideration is given to life and work experiences, as well as formal and informal training. Documentary evidence of previous experience will be requested, and may be applied using the national standard for Mutual Recognition or through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

How long will training take?

This will depend on each specific course, and the time taken to complete training can vary from between 6 months to two years. More extensive courses, such as the Diploma of Leadership and Management, typically take longer than Certificate courses. Training duration will also depend on the electives and type of study that each student chooses.

Where, when and how can I train?

All certificate courses in business are employment-based. This may include workplace activities conducted by the employer, practice exercises, simulated activities and research projects. Assessments are conducted both on and off the job, and may include oral presentations, role-plays, quizzes and project-based exercises.

Higher level diplomas offer more flexibility. Students can complete their work via a mixture of distance learning (workbooks and assessments completed off site) and structured classroom sessions.

What will I receive?

On successful completion of their course, students will receive a certificate, diploma or Statement of Attainment for competencies completed.

Can I go on to further training?

Successful completion of a course may be used as recognition of study towards a higher qualification.

For more information relating to Barringtons’ business courses, visit each course’s dedicated page or contact us today.