Certificate IV in Hospitality - SIT40416

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The Certificate IV in Hospitality teaches you the skills you need to oversee hospitality organisations such as restaurants, hotels, motels, clubs, pubs, cafés, and coffee shops. This qualification allows for multi-skilling and for specialisation in accommodation services, food and beverage, and gaming. 


The course consists of 9 core units and 12 elective units, with core units listed below:



  • SITHIND008       Work effectively in hospitality service                                                                             
  • SITXCCS015       Enhance customer service experiences                                                                          
  • SITXCOM010     Manage conflict                                                                        
  • SITXFIN009        Manage finances within a budget                                                                                    
  • SITXHRM007     Coach others in job skills                                                                                      
  • SITXHRM008     Roster staff                                                                                 
  • SITXHRM009     Lead and manage people                                                                                     
  • SITXMGT004     Monitor work operations                                                                                     
  • SITXWHS007     Implement and monitor work health and safety practices     



  • SITXFSA005        Use hygienic practices for food safety                                                                              
  • SITHFAB031       Provide advice on beers, spirits and liqueurs                                                                                
  • SITHFAB034       Provide table service of food and beverage                                                                                   
  • SITXINV006        Receive, store and maintain stock                                                                                    
  • SITHFAB023       Operate a bar                                                                            
  • SITHFAB021       Provide responsible service of alcohol                                                                            
  • SITXWHS006      Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks                                                                                                                                
  • SITHACS009       Clean premises and equipment                                                                          
  • SITHFAB022       Clean and tidy bar areas                                                                                       
  • SITHIND006       Source and use information on the hospitality industry                                                                            
  • BSBTWK501       Lead diversity and inclusion                                                                                
  • SITXCCS014        Provide customer service     

Throughout the course you’ll learn key competencies like how to identify and control food hazards and what do when handling customer complaints. All of the skills taught throughout the training will be directly applicable to nearly any hospitality environment.


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Delivery Modes


This course can be delivered in face to face sessions at a given time and venue and/or can be partially completed online.


What do you need to know?


The Certificate IV in Hospitality runs for 24 months for most full-time workers, however it can take more or less time based on your schedule and prior skill set. The course has no prerequisites for entry.


The training can be completed via online courses, structured classroom sessions or a combination of the two. The Barringtons’ team is happy to provide flexible options to suit your needs.


Once you have finished all 10 course units you will receive a Certificate IV in Hospitality or a Statement of Attainment for competencies completed. This certification may gain recognition of your studies towards the Diploma in Hospitality.


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Earning your nationally accredited Certificate IV in Hospitality is no small feat. That’s why you want to undergo training with an organisation you can trust. Barringtons has over 25 years of experience delivering registered and nationally accredited training to organisations and individual professionals across Australia. We are confident we can deliver you the best training possible with the most engaging trainers available. Contact us to learn more.


This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

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