Certificate II in Retail Services - SIR20216

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The Certificate II in Retail was designed to address foundational retail skills for existing and future industry employees. Throughout the course participants will apply retail operational tasks and provide initial customer service.


This involves providing preliminary advice to customers and functioning under supervision, as part of a retail team, recognising the limitations of your job role and referring customers to more senior staff when appropriate.


The skills learned during this training are ideal for job roles such as:


  • Providing product and service advice in a retail store
  • Selling products and services in variety of retail settings
  • Operating a checkout area
  • Preparing and selling fast food items
  • Store, rotate and replenish food stock
  • Checking stock and replenishing retail shelves
  • Organising and maintaining work areas and displays


The Certificate II in Retail is the ideal qualification for individuals who undertake work in various retail store settings, such as specialty stores, supermarkets, department stores and retail fast food outlets.


The training course consists of both core and elective units. The seven core modules are as follows:


  • SIRXIND003 - Organise personal work requirements
  • SIRXIND001 - Work effectively in a service environment
  • SIRXWHS002 - Contribute to workplace health and safety
  • SIRXCEG001 - Engage the customer
  • SIRXCOM001 - Communicate in the workplace to support team and customer outcomes
  • SIRXPDK001 - Advise on products and services
  • SIRXRSK001 - Identify and respond to security risks


Upon completing of these units, participants can then choose five elective modules from the list below:


  • SIRRMER001 - Produce visual merchandise displays
  • SIRXSLS002 - Follow point of sale procedures
  • SIRXIND002 - Organise and maintain the store environment
  • SIRRINV001 - Receive and handle retail stock
  • SIRRFSA001 - Handle food safely in a retail environment
  • SIRXSLS001 - Sell to the retail customer


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Delivery Modes


This course can be delivered in face to face sessions at a given time and venue or can be completed online.


What do you need to know?


There are no prerequisites to enrol in this course. However, your current job should be relevant to the course material. Training runs for around 12 month with both on and off-site learning required. The time it takes to complete the course may vary based on the elective you choose and the assessment types you select.


The delivery of the Certificate II in Retail Services course is employment based. This means workplace activities may be conducted by the employer as well as practice exercises, simulated activities in the classroom, learner activity workbooks & research projects.


Assessments could be conducted on or off the job and may include oral presentation, role-plays, assessment activities, knowledge quizzes and project based exercises.


Upon completion, participants will receive a Nationally Recognised Certificate II in Retail Services or a Statement of Attainment for competencies completed. The attainment of this certification may gain recognition of your studies towards Certificate III in Retail Operations or other relevant Certificate III qualifications.


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This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

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