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The Work, Health and Safety Act of 2011 was introduced as a strategy to provide all workers in Australia with the same standard of health and safety protection regardless of the work they undertake or where they conduct their work. 

The legislation was introduced as part of co-operation between the Commonwealth, States and Territories in order to provide the most effective way of achieving harmonisation of Work, Health and Safety laws and includes the obligations of Company Officers for ‘Duty of Care’ and ‘Due Diligence’ as a catalyst for compliance with the Act. 


Failure to do so can lead to large scale fines and even imprisonment. 


Based on the ramifications of non compliance it is recommended that all business should undertake a detailed compliance health check of their existing Work Health and Safety Programs mapped against the WHS and other related legislation in order to identify any gaps which may exist. 


So, how can we help you?  Our experience and expertise lay in the areas outlined below.


WHS Compliance Health Check 


Barringtons can conduct a WHS Health Check of your existing Work Health and Safety Program which will identify any gaps that exposes your organisation to non-compliance with the Work, Health and Safety Act 2011. 


Your Health Check will include: 


  • A detailed physical inspection of all areas under the control of your venue to determine WHS risks and hazards 
  • The opportunity for nominated staff members to take part in the inspection process providing valuable “hands on” training for ongoing inspections. 
  • A review of equal opportunity conformance pertaining to disabled patrons or workers 
  • A review of related WHS documents, policies, registers and procedures 
  • Hazardous Materials Management 
  • Emergency preparedness and suitability 
  • RCG, RSA , Emergency signage compliance 
  • At the completion of your WHS health check your Club will be provided with a detailed Report that includes: 
  • Non-compliances identified in WHS policies, procedures and required paperwork; 
  • Potential breaches of WHS and other relevant legislation 
  • Potential breaches of recommended codes of practice and industry guidelines 
  • Improvements to your overall WHS Programme 
  • Recommended methods to address non-compliances; 
  • Schedule and plan for implementation of recommendations. 

The compliance audit will give due consideration to the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 and where applicable, other Acts & legislation, Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and workplace guides (NSW Work Cover & other) to ensure we build a platform for a Work Health and Safety Program which will address all your compliance obligations pursuant to the Act. 


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