Best People

    Barringtons significant growth has been directly attributable to the expertise of our people and their commitment to providing professional, ethical and efficient service.

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    Best Practice

    Barringtons are regularly benchmarked against Australia’s leading companies, often setting the standards by which other much larger companies are judged.

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    Best Choice

    Nothing sells better than a reputation for delivering quality service. Our consistent success is indicative of the efforts we go to, to guarantee our clients satisfaction.

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    Barringtons Training

    New legislative changes mean the club industry needs to obtain mandatory licensee training through Liquor & Gaming NSW approved courses. Barringtons are offering Licensee and Advanced Licensee training.

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Online Courses - easy, convenient, 24/7 access

Welcome to the Barringtons online store. Here, you’ll find all of our training courses in one easy-to-navigate location.

There are all sorts of benefits to training - whether you’re an employee or an employer. For staff, courses are a great way to gain new skills and improve your abilities. For businesses, providing education and training opportunities fosters loyalty and improves the quality of your workforce.

In addition, for businesses and employees where time isn’t available to undertake a traditional training course, Barringtons provides online options to ensure the same skills are learned but without having to lose any time.

Every business has slightly different needs when it comes to training courses. Some, such as cinemas, convenience and liquor stores, clubs, hotels and banks, may need to protect their employees with robbery response skills. The biggest risk other workplaces might face is dealing with aggressive customers. Regardless of the skills needed for success in your industry, you’ll find the right training course here.

Barringtons Online Training Store offers a comprehensive range of specialist industry-specific online training.
You can browse the range without registering for a user login and password.
First time purchasers will be asked to register, while subsequent purchasers will be asked to use their site login and password.

Online courses
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