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Best People

We have a team of professionals on our side that are committed not only to the quality of our products but the quality of our customers’ experiences.

Best Practice

Barringtons is consistently benchmarked against Australia’s leading companies and we have been setting the standards for best practices for over two decades.

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Our 25 year track record of quality service and exceptional product offerings makes us ‘the choice’ for meeting client needs and providing satisfaction.

Working with the aged care industry

As Australia's population continues to grow older, aged care is taking on an increasingly vital role within our society. With more and more people requiring assistance, the types and amount of aged care services and staff will have to change, making it a very exciting time within the industry. Even so, the rapid growth and development of the aged care sector does present challenges to businesses, such as how to continue evolving without compromising on productivity or creating unnecessary risk.

Barringtons have a long history of working with businesses in the aged care sector, and understands all of the unique factors that make this industry challenging. Our team have the experience necessary to provide tailored solutions, and ensure that your company is best placed to continue developing alongside the changing Australian population.

For more information on all services available to businesses in the aged care sector, contact us today.


Staff are the backbone of any aged care business, but it falls on business owners to make sure each employee has been vetted and trained before being hired. Ensuring your site is a safe and secure place to work is an essential aspect of the caring for the elderly and their families. Here's how Barringtons can help:


  • Training: The ability to deliver a high level of care is essential when hiring new employees, but there are all sorts of other skills to consider as well - ranging from emergency evacuation training to food safety essentials. Barringtons can provide training in all of these areas to ensure your staff are well versed in everything they need to know.
  • Background Checks: Vetting is essential in all industries, but takes on a particular importance in aged care where many patients will be vulnerable and require special attention. Barringtons' experienced vetting team are experts in background checks and will ensure every new hire comes with a clean record and a recommendation.
  • Keeping employees and patients safe is a critical component of any aged care service or facility. Barringtons have experience across everything from WHS to security risk assessments and can help ensure your business is a safe place to work and visit.


Today's world is driven by compliance and navigating legislative responsibility can be a mindfield. Barringtons' Smartek Solutions

are an all-in-one compliance management tool that eliminates inefficiencies and ensures that your business is always on top of your obligations.


  • General Compliance: Every business will need to look at compliance in a different way, depending on the services they provide and the structure of their business. Regardless of these factors, Smartek can be applied to any company, and streamlines the compliance process to take the burden off staff.
  • Contractor Management: Whether your business uses contractors for specialised aged care work or employs a large base of nurses on a contract basis, managing compliance across these employees can be tough. Fortunately, Smartek makes compliance with contractors just as easy as it does with other members of staff, saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Work Health and Safety: New regulations and stricter punishments means that WHS compliance is more important than ever. Smartek ensures that your business's WHS obligations are always properly completed, so that the chance of receiving a fine is minimised.


Protecting your business and minimising risk can be made simple by investing in processes that will allow operations to continue with minimal impact on overall operations.

  • Security Risk: Managing Risk is a key part of running any business, and the aged care industry is no different. Barringtons can review your company and identifying any potentially problematic shortcomings.
  • Security Design: If your business's security measures aren't up to scratch, Barringtons can design and implement an upgrade that ensures you are protected.
  • Security Management: Even the best security systems need to be maintained, and Barringtons can provide this service by ensuring your security measures are always operating as they should.
  • Investigations: In the event of something going wrong within your business, you'll want to know that answers can be uncovered quickly and quietly. This is where Barringtons' investigations team can help, with a proven track record of assisting with everything from fraud to workplace harassment.
  • Crisis and Emergency Management: In some situations, accidents are unavoidable, and when they occur you'll be glad to have planned ahead. This is what crisis management with Barrington is all about, providing businesses with a plan to deal with a serious situation.
  • Business Continuity: In the aftermath of a crisis, it's critical to get essential elements of a business up and running as soon as possible. Business continuity ensures that a disaster has minimal impact on ongoing operations.
  • Disaster Recovery: In the aftermath of a disaster, recovering data and bringing systems back online is essential. However, without the right processes, this can become much more difficult, which is why your business should have a disaster recovery plan to ensure peace of mind.
  • Organisational Resilience: All of these services fall under the broad umbrella of organisational resilience. When disaster strikes, being able to respond quickly and appropriately is essential, and the team at Barringtons can make sure this happens.


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