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We have a team of professionals on our side that are committed not only to the quality of our products but the quality of our customers’ experiences.

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Barringtons is consistently benchmarked against Australia’s leading companies and we have been setting the standards for best practices for over two decades.

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Our 25 year track record of quality service and exceptional product offerings makes us ‘the choice’ for meeting client needs and providing satisfaction.

Working with the Energy sector

It's an exciting time to be working in the Australian energy sector. With new renewable energy sources showing a lot of promise in domestic markets, alongside continued developments in older energy areas, the industry is growing and evolving at an exciting pace.

These big shifts, though exciting, come with their fair share of hurdles. Businesses in the energy sector need to ensure their compliance and security measures are on par with new industry shifts. Organisations need to be prepared for all scenarios and they need a team that is ready to meet these demands.

Barringtons is here to help in every last one of these areas. With a wide range of online services and an expert team of professionals, we can help you grow and thrive in the Australian energy sector now and for years to come.

Interested in learning more about how Barringtons can help your team? Reach out to one of our team members today.

In any business, people are your most important asset. When it comes to energy, you need a team that is innovative, savvy and adaptable. But in addition to these traits, you must ensure all of your staff members are up to date on their skill sets, from security to safety, that's where Barringtons comes in.

  • Online Training: The energy sector is in a state of movement so it's important for your team to be able to access the necessary training to stay up to date with WHS skills and management training. Barringtons offers a series of energy industry online training that keeps your team at the top of their game.
  • Background Checks: It's important to do your due diligence with your entire staff. Barringtons has decades of experience vetting professionals and providing expert recommendations to our clients.
  • Security: Barringtons has an impressive history in security. Having worked with some of Australia's largest organisations, we are confident we can provide all our customers with exceptional security and protection.


The energy sector has a lot of complex and important compliance standards in place. At their core, these regulations exist to keep your team and your customers safe. However, there's no denying that it can be hard to manage all of the different rules and standards. Barringtons created Smartek to help. This all-in-one solution helps you manage, control and improve your compliance effectively and efficiently.

  • General Compliance: The energy sector has a unique set of expectations, processes and protocols. Smartek was created to adapt to these needs in order to provide you with a comprehensive and accessible platform for all of your compliance needs.
  • Contractor Management: Contract workers often work within the energy sector in specialist roles. For leaders, managing the various contracts and compliance measures for each can be difficult. Smartek allows you to put all this information in one place, making contractor management a much more streamlined process.
  • Work Health and Safety: Leaders in the energy industry must place the utmost importance on WHS standards. Smartek helps centralise your WHS procedures and data so you can ensure you are complying with standards and improving on your WHS efforts constantly.


Security is a major concern for leaders across every industry. The energy sector is no different. With over 25 years of experience, Barringtons has a wide range of tried and true methods to ensure your business - and all its core functions - are as secure as possible.

  • Security Risk and Design: Identifying risks and designing a process to deal with them puts your energy business in a very secure position. By preparing for these potential threats, you are ensuring your business and staff are safe and ready to face any circumstance. Our team is experienced in creating these protocols so your business is protected no matter what.
  • Security Management: Once you have plans and processes in place, you need to manage them. From updating these protocols when necessary to ensuring your team knows their role in all scenarios, Barringtons can help ensure your management is effective and efficient.
  • Investigations: If things go wrong you need a team of investigators that can pinpoint the problem quickly and quietly. Barringtons is well-versed in doing just that. With years of experience in our corner, we can help identify the issue and create a plan moving forward.
  • Security Manpower: When you need a little manpower on your side, Barringtons can help you find the right team to keep your business safe.
  • Crisis and Emergency Management: Preparation is key when it comes to crises and emergencies. When businesses have a pre-set plan in place they are much better suited to come out of a crisis successfully. Barringtons can help you create a plan for before, during and after emergency scenarios so that you are confident that you can face any hurdle.
  • Business Continuity: With the help of your crisis and emergency management plan, you should be able to get your business up and running quickly following a disaster. There is more to execution than just having a plan in place though, Barringtons is here to help guide you through this process.
  • Disaster Recovery: You need to be able to recover critical data quickly following a disaster. Barringtons has decades of experience helping businesses create the right processes and protocols to ensure quick recovery in the aftermath of a crisis.
  • Organisational Resilience: Above all else, you want to make sure you are running a resilient organisation. The ability to bounce back from any setbacks is what differentiates successful businesses from the rest of the pack. Barringtons can help ensure you and your team have what you need to thrive in the energy sector no matter the circumstances.


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