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Best People

We have a team of professionals on our side that are committed not only to the quality of our products but the quality of our customers’ experiences.

Best Practice

Barringtons is consistently benchmarked against Australia’s leading companies and we have been setting the standards for best practices for over two decades.

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Our 25 year track record of quality service and exceptional product offerings makes us ‘the choice’ for meeting client needs and providing satisfaction.

Working with the Finance industry

Every industry comes with its own rules, regulations and challenges, but the financial sector is certainly one of the most complicated fields to work in. Here at Barringtons, our team has 25 years of experience in the industry, and understand all of the nuances that need to be considered for a business to be successful. Our range of financial business services covers all sorts of areas within the sector, from improving staff skills through online training to providing software that manages financial compliance.

By ensuring that every single element of a business is operating as efficiently and productively as possible, Barringtons provides a tailored solution that minimises risk in the financial sector, giving your organisation the very best chance of success.

For more information on all services available to businesses in the finance sector, contact Barringtons today.

Every successful business is built on great staff, but there's far more to building this foundation than simply hiring the right people. Here's how Barringtons can help.

  • Financial Services Training Programs: Great financial workers are about more than simply knowing how to work with numbers. Barringtons can provide online training courses that cover essential skills such as dealing with workplace injury and running successful meetings. Another benefit of online training is that it allows staff to upskill without having to waste time travelling to attend a course.
  • Background Checks: There's a lot at stake in the financial sector, and businesses need to be able to rest easy knowing their employees are trustworthy. To ensure there are no nasty surprises waiting down the line, Barrington's experienced investigations team can conduct thorough employee vetting during the recruitment process.
  • Security: Our team works with some of Australia's largest businesses on their security, and can provide the same high level of service to your organisation to keep staff safe and secure at work.
  • Safety: WHS is more important than ever in Australia, and Barringtons provides a range of services in this area that minimise risk and manage compliance.


Speaking of compliance, staying on top of all a business's responsibilities can be a tricky proposition. As well as taking up valuable employee time, there are all sorts of opportunities for things to slip through the cracks. Enter Smartek: the perfect software to manage compliance in finance.

  • General compliance: Every business has slightly different requirements when it comes to compliance. That's where Smartek comes in handy, as it's a fully customisable tool that can be used to meet any general compliance needs your organisation has.
  • Contractor Management: Does your financial enterprise make use of contractors? If so, compliance becomes that much more difficult to manage. Smartek takes the stress out of managing contractors, providing a complete solution for every worker associated with your business.
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS): Are you completely on top of each and every safety risk at your work premises? If not, your business could be at significant risk. Smartek enables complete WHS compliance, both with legislation and your own internal protocols.


Of course, security is also critical when dealing with financial information, and if a business ignores this area of operations there's a potential for serious consequences.

  • Security Risk and Security Design: One of the most essential steps in keeping a business secure is understanding what risk factors are at play. As specialists in security, Barringtons can assist your business with implementing processes, structures and a culture that minimises these factors.
  • Security Management: Once the appropriate security measures are in place, they need to be appropriately maintained and managed - another area where Barringtons excels.
  • Investigations: Not all threats to a business are external, and the finance industry needs to be vigilant in terms of employee theft or fraud. However, dealing with the issues can be complex and difficult, which is why enterprises need expert investigations teams, who have seen it all before and know what's required.
  • Security Manpower: Finally, if you need security staff for the finance industry, Barringtons can ensure you have access to the very best.
  • Crisis and Emergency Management: Being prepared for the worst starts with knowing how your business will react. Crisis and emergency management services from Barringtons can ensure you have a suitable plan in place no matter the circumstances.
  • Business Continuity: The world of finance never stops, and to keep up with the industry it's essential for organisations to know how they'll continue operating in the event of a disaster. This is where a business continuity plan comes in handy, and Barringtons can ensure your is up to date.
  • Disaster Recovery: As well as continuing operations, quickly recovering essential financial data and getting your business back online can have a huge impact on how severe the consequences of a disaster are.
  • Organisational Resilience: All of these services fall under the broad umbrella of organisational resilience. When disaster strikes, being able to respond quickly and appropriately is essential, and the team at Barringtons can make sure this happens.


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