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Working with the Health industry

There aren't many sectors more important to society than the healthcare industry, and it's therefore critical that these businesses operate as efficiently and productively as possible. From understanding and managing healthcare regulatory compliance issues through to providing staff with the right levels of online training and security, there are all sorts of different areas where Barringtons can provide assistance.

With 25 years of experience, our team knows all the ins and outs of this essential part of Australian society, and has the tools required to minimise risk in healthcare. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a tailored solution that addresses the specific needs of your organisation, and here are the key areas where we can help.

For more information on how we can assist businesses in the healthcare sector, contact Barringtons today.

Healthcare has an enormously important human element, and it's essential for businesses to have access to the very best staff, and to ensure they are appropriately trained. In addition, workplace security becomes critical when dealing with patients. These are all areas where Barringtons can provide expertise.

  • Online Training for the Healthcare Industry: The medical side of healthcare is only one of the skill sets that employees need in this industry, and Barringtons can provide a raft of online training courses to supplement this, ranging from workplace environmental awareness to electrical safety.
  • Background Checks: When patients visit a medical business, they are putting their health in the hands of its employees. To maintain this trust, all staff need to be thoroughly vetted, and Barringtons can provide comprehensive background checks and recommendations during recruitment.
  • Security: As partners with some of Australia's biggest organisations, Barringtons knows what is required from a security standpoint, and can help your business prevent issues within the workplace, without compromising on customer service.


Compliance is crucial in every industry, but especially so in healthcare where the wellbeing of patients can be directly affected by any oversights. Even so, managing compliance isn't always easy, which is why so many organisations are using Smartek software to improve regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry.

  • General Compliance: A compliance management solution needs to be flexible, and provide a tailored solution that matches an individual business's needs. Smartek is fully customisable, and can be tweaked to best suit the needs of your company.
  • Contractor Management: Many healthcare business make use of contractors, and this can lead to one of the top compliance issues in healthcare - managing these employees. Smartek makes the process simple, allowing permanent staff to get on with their work without having to worry about the compliance of temporary workers.
  • Work Health and Safety: Every industry needs to focus on WHS, with government regulations become stricter and the punishments for noncompliance becoming harsher. To ensure your business is always up to date, Smartek maintains compliance at all times with Australian regulations, as well as your own internal protocols.


Another key focus of healthcare businesses should be security, but this area is often neglected which introduces unnecessary risk. Barringtons' security services can make a real difference, minimising risk in healthcare for all sorts of businesses.

  • Security Risk and Security Design: A good security system starts with understanding the risks your business is facing. Barringtons has decades of security experience, and can help identify these risks and design a system that best responds to them.
  • Security Management: Once a security system has been designed, it needs to be maintained in order for it to function properly. From ongoing management to identifying any areas that need improvement, the Barringtons team provides a complete solution.
  • Investigations: If something does go wrong within your organisation, it's important to get concrete answers as soon as possible. Barrington's investigations team work quickly, subtlety and professionally to ensure these answers are uncovered without impacting the day-to-day operation of a business.
  • Security Manpower: Finally, if your healthcare business required extra security staff, Barringtons can provide experienced, qualified security specialists.
  • Crisis and Emergency Management: The best defence against disaster is an appropriate plan, and this holds true whether a threat comes from within an organisation or from outside. Barringtons has the experience necessary to ensure your business is prepared for any crisis or emergency.
  • Business Continuity: As far as healthcare is concerned, the ability to continue providing services to patients is paramount, which is why every organisation in the industry should have a concrete plan for how they'll respond and continue to assist Australians in the event of a crisis.
  • Disaster Recovery: Just like business continuity, in the aftermath of a disaster healthcare businesses should be able to retrieve information and return to full operation as soon as possible. Barringtons is an expert in disaster recovery, and can assist with integrating the appropriate response measures into your business.
  • Organisational Resilience: All of these services fall under the broad umbrella of organisational resilience. When disaster strikes, being able to respond quickly and appropriately is essential, and the team at Barringtons can make sure this happens.


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