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Best People

We have a team of professionals on our side that are committed not only to the quality of our products but the quality of our customers’ experiences.

Best Practice

Barringtons is consistently benchmarked against Australia’s leading companies and we have been setting the standards for best practices for over two decades.

Best Choice

Our 25 year track record of quality service and exceptional product offerings makes us ‘the choice’ for meeting client needs and providing satisfaction.

Working with the Retail industry

Australian retail is an industry that comes with a wide ranging list of challenges. From keeping up with digital disrupters to managing staff to ensuring all their locations are safe, secure and compliant - leaders in this industry are tasked with quite a bit of responsibility.

Luckily, Barringtons exists to help ease the burden. Our range of online retail services combined with our expert personnel enable us to create systems and processes that help your retail business thrive on every level. Here's how we can help.

To learn more about how Barringtons can help your retail business thrive, reach out to our team today.

Retail is all about people. That's what makes your staff so important. Without friendly faces fronting your business, success would be more of a hurdle. On top of this personability, your need team members that have the necessary skills to help your business thrive - from knowledge of safety and security protocols to understanding industry shifts. Barringtons can help ensure you have the best staff possible.

  • Online Training: You want to equip your team with the tools they need to thrive. This means ensuring they are up to date in all industry standards. Barringtons offers a wide range of online training courses that are time effective and competency based.
  • Background Checks: It's important to have a staff you trust. This is why vetting is so important. Barringtons has over 25 years of experience conducting comprehensive background checks on behalf of our clients. Let us research your staff or applicants and provide you with a detailed recommendation.
  • Security: Having worked with some of Australia's largest organisations, Barringtons is well suited to ensure your team is up to date on all security protocol.


Compliance standards are an important focus in any industry. These regulations help keep staff and customers safe. Compliance in retail, or any business, can get complicated. It can be tricky to keep track of all of the little details. That's why Barringtons invented Smartek, an end-to-end platform that enables business leaders to manage and track all their compliance functions in one place.

  • General Compliance: Every industry has a unique set of regulations and within these regulations every individual business has its own systems for complying. Smartek was created with this in mind. You can customise the platform to suit your needs, ensuring you are up to date and on track to total compliance at all times.
  • Contractor Management: Contract work is a common occurrence in retail - from staff to specialists. While contract workers can be hugely helpful it can get difficult trying to manage different contracts and expectations. Smartek centralises all of your contracts so you can deal with them in one place - making contractor management effective and efficient.
  • Work Health and Safety: When it comes to any business, WHS must be a major priority. This is made easier when you use Smartek. Our system helps you actively minimise risk while managing all of your WHS compliance requirements.


Every time someone does business with you, you want to ensure they feel secure. By having plans in place to address a wide range of security concerns you can make sure your customers and team members feel protected. Barringtons has been creating and implementing security processes for over 25 years, here's how we can help.

  • Security Risk and Design: Preparation is the backbone of security. You need to identify potential retail risks and create relevant protocols to deal with them. Barringtons can help you through every step of this process.
  • Security Management: Managing security functions is the next step in providing your customers and staff members with total protection. You need to ensure your processes and protocols are up to date and that your team is aware of any changes for maximum protection.
  • Investigations: If something does go wrong in your retail business, you need to be able to pinpoint the problem and address it quickly and discreetly. Barringtons' team of investigators has ample experience in doing just that.
  • Security Manpower: When you need a little extra manpower for your retail business, Barringtons can provide you with the personnel you need.
  • Crisis and Emergency Management: Planning is what makes any business resilient. Barringtons can help your team identify what is needed to deal with a variety of crises and emergencies. Together we can create a concrete plan of action so you are ready to overcome any obstacle.
  • Business Continuity: When a crisis hits, you must be able to reboot your core business functions as quickly as possible. Over the years Barringtons has helped countless organisations create and execute plans to bounce back after a crisis.
  • Disaster Recovery: It is critical to be able to recover key data and systems following a disaster. With the right pathways and protocols in place, your team can ensure very little is lost in a major disaster.
  • Organisational Resilience: Everything we have discussed ties into organisational resilience. You need to build a business that can weather any storm. When you plan and prepare with Barringtons you can be sure your retail business is equipped to handle every obstacle that comes your way.


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